Raboso Piave D.O.C.

Garnet colour with violet edges. Red berry fruit, especially black cherry, is very clear on the nose. This overtone is the result of barrel-ageing, which enhances the wine’s aromatic complexity. The palate is balanced, well-structured and appropriately orchestrated, with great aromatic persistence due to the oakiness. Long-lasting, rounded finish.

Grape type
100% Raboso Piave

14% vol.

Serving Temperature
18°-22°C. The wine must be given time to breathe before serving. Open at least 2 hours before the service.

Training system
Impianto a filare Sylvoz.

Harvesting period
November, when the grapes are perfectly ripe and healthy.

Winemaking Process
Maceration on the skins for just 5-6 days to leave the wine as smooth as possible, followed by triggering of the fermentation process with selected yeasts at a controlled temperature of 18 degrees. Once fermentation is complete, the skins are separated from the wine, which then undergoes racking and filtration to eliminate sediment and impurities, before it is left to age for 2-3 years in stainless-steel tanks. Aged in oak barrels for 3 years prior to bottling.

An excellent accompaniment to full-flavoured dishes, game, grilled meats and seasoned cheeses.

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