Our wine is
truly great,
and it's not just us
who say so.
The Luigino Molon Winery is a family-run business that is very much focused on creating products that are of a consistently high quality, with a view to achieving the perfect balance between tradition and innovation..

Founded in 1950s by Pietro Molon, the winery is today run by Cavaliere Luigino Molon, his wife Elide and their children Matteo and Chiara, who deal personally with every phase in the production process.

The secret lies in the passion of every member of the family, who all work with commitment and dedication towards achieving the best possible wines to offer their friends and customers.

From the cultivation of the grape, through the winemaking process, all the way to the relationship with the customer, nothing is left to chance – rather, everything is cared for with the sort of devotion and love that can be transmitted only by those who have worked the land for generations.

The Winery and its Technology

Today, the winery is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and we conduct research on an ongoing basis to ensure the continuous improvement of our wines.

Stainless-steel tanks, refrigerated containers, sophisticated filtering systems, soft-pressing devices and numerous other cutting-edge technologies are deployed alongside the constant monitoring of the development of the product, to allow us to produce healthy wines of ever-increasing quality.

Without ever abandoning tradition, it is our continual investment in latest-generation technology that enables us to achieve the quality we have been pursuing from the outset. It is, then, by combining experience, knowledge and technology that we are able to deliver such excellent wines.